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Ubersuggest Review For Beginners As Well As Exports


Ubersuggest!! Why you should use it?!.

Did you started blogging recently and cannot afford to invest in SEO tools to search for keywords.

Don’t worry, Ubersuggest is a free and powerful tool to find keywords as well as information related to any domain.

But before we start discussing the tool, first let us know about the man who created such a great tool and also for free of cost.

Who created this tool?

His name is Neil Patel, and he helps companies in earning more revenue through digital marketing. He created his first own website when he was only 16 years old. To rank the site, he gave a lot of money to SEO consultants, but unfortunately, he did not get any results.

He becomes very depressed and finally decided to learn Digital Marketing. That is how his journey of digital marketing started. And today we got Ubersuggest such an excellent tool for free.

Now to understand the tool and how it works, you should know a few things which are listed below.

What is Ubersuggest?

Ubersuggest is an excellent tool, whether you are an expert or a beginner, you can find keyword ideas, content ideas, and you can also spy on your competitor’s website. It’s almost comparable to paid tools like Moz and Ahref which newbies cannot afford. It takes data from Google Suggest that provides keyword ideas similar to your Google search.

What is keyword research?

Keyword research is nothing but the process of finding the keywords for your blog post with respect to your domain authority which is searched often in search engines. And strategically integrating the keywords into your blog post will lead to more traffic and a higher ranking.

What is the content idea?

If I say in simple words, then Content Idea is nothing but the topic of your blog post. The topics on which you are going to write a blog post. By Selecting good topics for blogging, your website visitors will stick to blog for a long time, and it will also get some social shears. So the core of any content campaign/project is a wonderful idea.

Whether you are an expert or beginner in the field of blogging, you will need to find some good keywords for your blog/article to rank in the search engine. All this and much more can be done with the help of the Ubrsuggest tool. To learn how Ubersuggest works first, we have to go to Niel Patel’s website.

neilpatel ubersuggest

Here you have to enter a domain or keyword to, and it will show you all the details related to the domain or keyword.

So let us start first by entering a domain name.

ubersuggest 2.0

You can see in the above image I have entered his own domain name neilpatel.com. Beside the search box, you also get an option to select a country from the dropdown list. To crawl any site and give the output it takes a maximum time of three minutes. So until then, you have to be patient.

After the crawling process is completed, you can see how the results are displayed in the image shown below.

ubersuggest 3.0

Domain Overview

Here you will find beneficial information about any website. Like the organic keywords, organic monthly traffic, domain score, and backlinks.

Just below that, you will find the status of monthly organic traffic the website getting from the last 12 months.

You can see the number of organic keywords this site rank for in search engine. And the keywords are delivering a massive amount of organic monthly traffic to this site.

The domain score is 91, which means this site can rank for any keyword quickly and easily compared to the other domains whose domain score is low. And the number of backlinks this site has is amazing.

Here is the video showing how to use Ubersuggest?


And now if you scroll down, you can see the graph of SEO KEYWORD RANKING. In this section, you can see the number of keyword rank on which pages of the search engine (SERP).

ubersuggest neil patel

Different color are used to show the position of keywords in search results. Suppose if the keyword ranks on any of the first three pages it will be shown in green color. And similarly, all other colors show different positions.

What are the TOP SEO PAGES?

Once again if you scroll down more, you see the TOP SEO pages. Here are the pages which driving the massive number of traffic to this site are shown.

ubersuggest keyword tool

With a lot of details like Estimated visitors per page country wise, backlinks per page, and social shears.

Want more just click the button “View the pages that drive traffic to this domain.”

If you want to download the results, simply click the Export button and the complete list will be downloaded. To view the downloaded file, Microsoft Excel can be used.

Scroll down once more to see the SEO keywords.

Let us see what do we get in the SEO KEYWORD section?

This section will help you to do an in-depth analysis of keyword the site ranks for.

neil patel keyword tool

It will be very helpful when you want to study your own or the competitor’s website. As you can find all the information related to the keyword like search volume with respect to country, on which page of search engine the keyword ranks and the monthly estimated traffic the site is getting for that particular keyword.

And to view all the keywords, the domain is ranking for click “View ALL SEO KEYWORDS THIS DOMAIN RANKS FOR.”

Here you also get an option to download the complete list or copy past it directly to your Microsoft Excel sheet.
If you click on any keyword on the right-hand side, you will find the top 10 websites ranking for that particular keyword.

So this was the information we got when entered a domain name.

Now we will see what we will get when we enter any keyword.
So here I go.

neil patel kissmetrics

Keyword Overview

It gives you almost accurate information about the keyword you typed.

neil patel on page seo

If you scroll down a bit, you will find SEARCH VOLUME of the keyword for the past 12 months to date.
And is we move down you will find keyword ideas as in the screenshot below.

If you are a webmaster surly, it can full fill all of your needs when searching for a keyword. You will find the not only related keyword, but it also show information like:

TRENDS (Which shows the search volume of the keyword for the past 12 months like a graph sheet).

VOLUME (Shows the number of times the keyword is searched per month).

CPC (Cost per click).

PD (Paid difficulty).

SD (SEO difficulty).

If you want more related keywords, just click on the “VIEW ALL KEYWORD IDEAS” button.

If you want to download this keyword list with all the related information, just click on “EXPORT TO CSV” and the complete file is downloaded. There is another option “COPY TO CLIPBOARD.”

On this page, apart from the information mentioned above, on the right-hand side, it shows the top 10 websites which are ranking for the particular keyword.

And a lot more details like:

GOOGLE SERP (Which shows the 100 URL raking for the keyword)
EST. VISITORS (The expected traffic organic traffic the website is getting by this particular keyword)

LINKS (It shows the number of backlinks the domain has)

DS (It depends on various factors)

SOCIAL SHEARS (How many times it has been shared on social media)

If you want to download this URL list with all the related information, just click on “EXPORT TO CSV” and the complete file will be downloaded to your PC.


Keyword research is the first step taken by any blogger before he/she starts writing a blog. If you write a quality blog but if it does not have any search volume its simply a waste of time.

No doubt it will get indexed by the search engine but if no one is searching for it and it will never rank. So Ubersuggest helps you to take the first step correctly before you start writing the blog.

We should say thanks to Mr. Neil Patel how has provided such a powerful tool free of cost, which will help the newcomers to do the SEO for their website on their own.

If you have performed the keyword research and selected the right keyword for your blog, which means you already completed the halfway ranking distance for your blog.

Now you have to write a quality blog, shear it on social media and try to generate as many backlinks as possible and you are done.
Remember, SEO results will not reflect immediately. It takes some time to appear.

So there’s no need to pay a huge amount of money to do the SEO to others.
A lot of tools are available online if you wish to spend some money.

But if you just started blogging or created a new website, it may be difficult to spend money as all the other tool are very costly.

I would recommend if you can afford a paid tool go for it because it gives a lot more features compared to what you are getting here.
Because I think an important feature is missing here the content length, if they add this feature, the tool might become more powerful than it is now.

To do On-page SEO of your blog Ubersugest is a great tool and no need to pay any money.

The Ubersugest offers some more stuff like TRAFFIC ANALYZER and SEO ANALYZER, which I will try to cover in another blog post in detail.
Feel free to any question related to Ubersuggest in the comment section below; I will be happy if I could answer.

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