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Top 7 best Wireless Bluetooth earphone in India for less than Rs.3000 in 2020

best Wireless Bluetooth earphone

We will share the list of best earphones available in the market for you under 3000 in India.

If you are searching for the best affordable Bluetooth earphone for your device then your search has ended to the right place.

It is quite difficult for us to not use earphones while listening to music, taking a call outdoor in a crowded place or consuming media or watching your favorite web series or a sports match.

So you need to have a good pair of earphones with you for the best experience while using your phone.

Now, most of the smartphone manufacturers are skipping the 3.5mm audio jack from their smartphone, if you have one of the devices without the headphone jack then you need a new pair of wireless Bluetooth headphone.

To make it earlier for you we have made a list for best affordable wireless Bluetooth earphones under 3000 in India for the year 2020.

Finding the best pair of Bluetooth earphones is quite a task in the Indian market where you have plenty of options to choose from the well-known brands to the new entrants in the market that are affordable.

Everyone wants to have a good quality pair for an earphone that too at an affordable price. We have made it easier for you by searching on your behalf which might suit your needs.

Here is the list for the top 7 best wireless Bluetooth earphones to have.

1. Leaf ear

leaf ear wireless bluetooth headphones
Photo credit : Flipkart

The leaf ear Bluetooth earphones are one of the best pair you can have if you are looking for a compact and fits easily in your ear. You need not worry about it while gymming or playing sports or while running.

The leaf earphones come with in-ear hooks that fit perfectly in your ear. It has soft ear tips that offer comfort while using it for a longer period.

The voice clarity while making a call is great as it has a noise cancellation feature, it can be used regularly for convince.

It does not block the ear canals as in most of the chase for a cheap earphone that blocks the air passage into your ear.

The battery life of the Leaf ear is good and can be used for a good amount of time. The Bluetooth connectivity ranges about 10 meters which are decent for the earphones. The cleaning and maintenance of the earphone is easy as well.

Leaf ear contains fins of different sizes to fit your ear perfectly while using the earbuds. It is priced at Rs: 2499 in India. At this price, the leaf earphone is one of the best values for money earphones in this price range.

2. Sony WI-C200

Sony WI-C200 Wireless Earbuds
Photo credit : amazon

If you are looking for a feature-rich Bluetooth earphone that offers powerful performance, a decent amount of details in sound quality, good battery life with quick charge then this might be the unit you should consider if you are looking for a brand.

The WI-C200 offers comfortable cushioning for the ears and deep bass because of the 9mm driver unit with which the punchy sound performance from the earphones is achieved.

These earphones are lightweight and compact, it can be used for a longer duration for time.

Sony WI-C200 earphones come with a built-in microphone for hands-free calling and it also has the buttons to control the sound and to power off the earphone.

It offers voice assistance features like Siri, so that you can have easy access to Apple’s Siri and Google assistant.

The earphones can be placed easily in your pocket or bag pack as they get attached magnetically which makes it convenient to carry them around with you.

Sony offers a 1-year warranty for the earphone because of this it makes even more attractive proposition to buy.

At the time of launch, the earphone was priced over rs.2000, but now after a recent price drop, it cost even lesser.

3. Mivi SAXO wireless headphone

Mivi Saxo wireless
Photo credit : Flipkart

The Mivi Saxo offers wireless headphones with superior stereo sound quality and high bass. The unit also comes with an inbuilt microphone because of this making calls hands free with great clarity is achived.

The Saxo comes with the Bluetooth version 4.1 which ranges about 10 meters and has a battery life of about 17-hours of playback time.

The headset design is pleasing to the eye which comes with the black finish. And it is comfortable for a longer period of time as the cushioning is done well and it is covered with premium quality leather.

The headphone cups can be folded easily without any hassle and takes less space when carrying around with you.

The Mivi Saxo comes with dual connectivity features; if you run out of battery you can simply plug in the wire and use it like a wired headphone.

4. Realme Buds Wireless

realme buds wireless
Photo credit : Flipkart

The Realme buds are optimized and tuned by the Alan Walker and the Realme team for the best output performance. It delivers clear sound clarity with consistency as you would like if your earphones.

The earbuds are of good quality and look decent when it comes to the design department.

The earbuds are made up of premium quality material which is skin-friendly silica and nickel-titanium alloy when compared to the other plastic material used in this category.

Realme buds come with the 11.2mm big driver unit for bass Boost and clear sound, as compared to the 9mm drivers form the competitors in this price range.

The earbuds battery last for about 12 hours of listening time when the battery is fully charged. The sound clarity was amazing while listening to the music with these earbuds.

If the earbuds are not in use, you can turn them off by holding them together from the backside through fast pair magnetic technology.

The Realme buds wireless has a decent build quality and it performs well as it is supposed to do, it might not disappoint you at this price point.

5. Boat Rockerz 255

Boat rockerz 255
Photo credit : Flipkart

The Boat is a well-known brand of headphones in India. It has built its reputation by offering the best quality earphone and headphones at a reasonable price point. This makes it affordable for most of the users.

Boat Rockerz 255 comes with great bass and sound clarity. It comes with the built-in microphone which lets you take a call on the go without taking your phone out of your pocket.

It has active noise cancellation for better sound quality while making calls and listing to your favorite music track.

The Bluetooth range for the earbuds is of 10 meters, it has 10 mm drivers for powerful sound output. The audio and the power control button are provided for easy access.

Boat rockers 255 are built with good quality material and it fits easily into your ear, thanks to differing sizes of earbuds caps.

6. Infinity Glide N120

The Infinity Glide N120 earphone comes with the premium quality sound output as expected from the brand.

Build quality is decent and it is made up of plastic material. Infinity Glide N120 comes with 12 mm dynamic drivers because of this, it can produce great sound call quality. It offers great clarity and bass.

Infinity Glide N120
Photo credit : Flipkart

The sound quality is not compromised even when the volume is maxed out for the earbuds, and there is no noticeable distortion in the sounds while listing to the music.

The battery backup is decent and it lasts for about 7-8 hours on a full single charge. The Bluetooth range is decent as well and there is no noise distortion what so ever while listing.

It offers remote control volume button and the call answering switch to take or reject calls easily. The quality of the button looks good.

7. Skullcandy – Ink’d+ Wireless Earbuds

skullcandy ink'd wireless earbud
Photo credit : Flipkart

The best thing about the Skullcandy – Ink’d+ Wireless Earbuds is its sound quality. The sound is clear and there is no noise distortion for the sound quality.

The Bluetooth connectivity is great and it ranges about 30 feet from the device when it is connected which is quite decent.

Here is the review video of the earphones


The battery lasts for about 8 hours on a single charged. The higher the volume the quicker the battery drains.
Skullcandy earbuds fit well in ear. As the earbuds comes with the different sizes of the ear pads for the perfect fit.

The design of the earbuds is compact and can be packed easily and can be carried comfortably. The neckband is lightweight and quite flexible and tangles fee.

The pairing for the earbuds is easy. The device is will be detected and it will connect quickly.

Skullcandy – Ink’d+ Wireless Earbuds are affordable and can be selected from the variety of color options to choose from.

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