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All you wish to know about the ThopTV Apk App (official) download in 2020


All the information you need to download the latest version and install the free ThopTV Apk App is here.

If you are reading this, ThopTV blog post means you undoubtedly want to watch TV Shows, Live TV Channels as well as Movies, etc., online. And the good news for you is you have reached the right place, and your search for Apk app ends here. Because the ThopTV Apk is an ultimate resource for watching live TV Channels, Movies, and Shows, etc.

When I was a child, the only source to watch movies, TV shows, as well as sports, was a TV box at home. But now Android App like the ThopTV Akp app is available. With respect to time, technological advancements are moving with a fast phase.

 More businesses have invested in R&D and tried to develop some unique features. TV box converted into Smart TV, and only cable connection is not enough. As Smart TV needs an internet connection to show all its unique features.

You can sign in to your social media accounts and make large-screen video calls to your beloved. Now coming to live-streaming apps, the biggest problem is that there are lots of options everywhere, and it’s getting difficult for the user to select the best one.

Hundreds of new IPTV free apps are launched every day, only for Android devices. But only a few of them are capable to full fill all of the user’s needs. Such as watching movies with HD image quality, TV shows, as well as Live sports. I was also one of them who was searching for the best IPTV free app online.

And I found many IPTV free apps online. But when I installed and tested, I found very few of them are up to the expectations when it comes to entertainment. Because of picture quality, App uptime, and security does matter. One of the best I have found up to the expectations is the ThopTV APK app, and it’s also totally free.

So first, allow me to explain what is ThopTV?

ThopTV APK app is designed to run on Android. With this app, you can watch many channels online from around the world. The app is not limited to the TV channel, but it also offers movies to your smartphone/tablet. Even if you are out of the station, you will not miss a single TV show which you watch regularly.

What’s unique about ThopTV is that it’s free to use, and it helps you to have endless fun. Do you not want to use such a good option that does not cost you and does not offer you boredom? Undoubtedly you are going to like it like. You don’t have to change channels by pressing the buttons from your Remote to watch the world’s popular movies, live sports matches, and new TV shows.

Some exciting features about ThopTV Apk app

  • You can view content on over three thousand channels.
  • You will find more than five thousand radio channels for listening to music.
  • While watching videos, an option is available to select video quality.
  • Able to choose different audio languages.
  • Subtitle support.
  • 7- Days catch-up on 581 + channels.

According to the tricks folks earlier, the ThopTV Apk app was expected to be available on Google Play Store. But due to the terms and conditions of the Google Play Store, the ThopTV Apk app was thrown out. But still, there are a huge number of fans all around the world.

There is one big competitor to this ThopTv Apk App, the Tea TV Apk download.

Here is the video of the app

The Chat

If you wish to chat, the option is available for you, and I can assure you it’s a very useful feature.

People can exchange their ideas with the help of a public chat option. This app is having a huge amount of followers that will include some developers as well. And in case if you have to troubleshoot this public chat will be very useful.

The Search

You can find a variety of films and series from scraped ThopTV APK links through the Global Search option. A straight forward method of finding data from different places.

The Notice board

The notice board is a place where the user will get notifications on the latest updates and much more. The user will, therefore, be aware of the specific features, direct links, and channel information. No other app provides such type of features.

This is like the notification bar, where information about the new update and special new features can be collected. It’s the only one with this functionality.

This is like the notification bar where you can get the information about the new update or some new special features. It is the only app that provides such a feature.

The Dashboard

A dashboard is a place where you can keep shortcuts links of movies that you wish to later. Apart from this, you can add your favorite TV shows. But to access these features, you will need to authorize it with Twitter or create a Google account. It’s not at all compulsory, but by doing so, the user gets more features to utilize.

thoptv apk aap

What is ThopTV Videos Subtitles Support?

Do you know that most users face language problems with the content they view? This is a common problem that happens and nothing unique about it. You might also have found that your film or TV show has been downloaded in any other language you do not understand. In order to deal with this problem, ThopTV has a video subtitle feature that allows you to view or stream the content with subtitles of your choice.

TV shows, as well as HD movies.

Films and TV shows are one of the best ways to entertain us. If you are getting the content in HD quality, the entertainment gets double. However, for copyright reasons, some of the channels may not work in your country. The ThopTV app, therefore, satisfies most of the fundamental requirements of films and TV shows. So don’t miss a single of your favorite TV programs with ThopTV’s application. Yeah, the App enables you to stream your fingertips free of charge.

Does ThopTV support Radio channels?

Yes, it does. Generally, it is difficult to find an app that supports Radio channels. But unfortunately, the ThopTV app is one of those apps that supports Radio channels. But only Indian radio channels are supported by the App. And this might be a downside only for those who would like to listen to radio channels from any other country. You can also select the language of your choice between broadcasting channels.

What about Live TV Channels?

Yes, the ThopTV App allows its users to stream Live TV channels worldwide. More than 3000 TV channels are supported throughout the world by the ThopTV app. You will surely find a huge list of Live TV Channels. But again, there is a downside, as it’s an Indian app, so you may find a huge number of Indian channels. You can watch any channel on your smartphone/tablet using this application simply by looking for or accepting the suggestions in the channel selection on your homepage.

How do I install ThopTV on my Firestick?

ThopTV is also not available on the Amazon App store, as do other free IPTV applications. But nothing to worry about as below, I have mentioned the installation process in a simple way. So just follow the steps given below.

Step 1: You have to connect the Wifi network and Firestick.

Step 2: Now connect your Firestick to Power outlet.

Step 3: Once you completed both the above-mentioned steps now go to Firestick Settings.

Step 4: Now select the Device / My Fire TV option.

Step 5: Select the Developer Options.

Step 6: Enable ADB Debugging. (Note: No, with allowed developer settings, there is no security problem. This option, however, is deactivated by default. to be on the safe side.)

Step 7: Allow apps from unknown sources to proceed further with the installation process.

Step 8: Go to the Home tab.

Step 9: Now go to the Search option and type Downloader.

Step 10: And click on the download button.

Step 11: Go to the settings of the downloader.

Step 12: Just Enable Java-Scripts.

Step 13: Enter this “ThopTV Apk– https:/firestickhelp.com/thop” download link.

Step 14: Simply wait for some time for the file to start the downloading process.

Step 15: Click the option install.

Step 16: Go to my apps and start ThopTV on your Firestick.

thoptv apk aap

How to Install ThopTV Apk in Android?

With the below-mentioned installation procedure, you can install this application on any Android device.

Step 1: Open your Chrome/Firefox web browser on the android device.

Step 2: Go to ThopTV’s official website.

Step 3: Download the Apk on your device.

Step 4: Make a note of the path where you have downloaded the installation file.

Step 5: Now go into the settings of your device and click/tab on security.

Step 6: You will see the option “Unknown source” just enable it, and you are ready for installation.

Step 7: Hope you remember the file downloaded location. Go there and tap on the file to begin the installation process.

Step 8: Just give some time to your device to complete the installation process.

Step 9: After finishing the installation, you are ready to use the ThopTV Apk App. 

  • Here is another similar Apk App if you wish to check the Cloud TV Apk.

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

Is the ThopTV app safe?

It’s a weared question, but I will tell you the truth.

Generally, people think that if they download any app from reputable app stores like Apple App Store or Google Play Store, they’re 100 percent safe. But the reality is that even the biggest app stores cannot assure you that all the available with them are 100% safe.But they keep on checking for malware and much more on a regular basis. And once found the malware, the app will be removed from their online store.

Coming to the ThopTV APK App, it is not at all available on the play store, and there are many reasons behind this.

Is ThopTV legal?

Of course not, this app is not legal; that is the reason why it cannot be found on Google Play Store. But you can find the official website of this ThopTV APK app on Goggle and download it from there.

Can I watch movies on the ThopTV Apk App?

Yes, you can. Once installed, the simple user interface allows you to search for desired content. To search, just type the name of your movie in the search box. Apart from this, you also get an option to sort according to rating, genre, and year.

Can I watch sports on ThopTV sport?

You can watch sports like cricket (T20, ODI, Test matches as well as world cup), WWE, NBA, HOKEY, FOOTBALL and so on.

Can I watch TV shows or episodes on the ThopTV Apk App?

You will find a separate category for TV shows/Episodes. So you can enjoy TV shows/Episodes in HD quality. If you wish to watch your TV shows/Episodes when you are out of the station, just go ahead and install it.

How ThopTV Akp app works?

This ThopTV Akp App does not copy/ steal any content from anywhere else on the web. But only copies that are already available on the internet link and share with the users.

How ThopTV Akp App generates revenue?

This app has only one source of income, and that is by ads. The ads which are displayed to the user while watching movies or TV shows. So the app developers request the app user don’t try to block the ads, or else the user viewing experience will be hindered.

From where can Download the App.

Here is the link to the ThopTV APK apps official website, from where you can download the latest version. Official website of ThopTV APK.


ThopTV is basically an Android application that allows users to watch free of charge movies, TV shows, animes, live television, and much more. What’s unique about ThopTV is that it’s free to use, and it helps you to have endless fun. Do you not want to use such a good option that does not cost you and does not offer you boredom?

Undoubtedly you are going to like it like. You don’t have to change channels by pressing the buttons from your Remote to watch the world’s popular movies, live sports matches, and new TV shows. You will find live stuff just a tap on your smartphone at your fingertips.


This blog post is for information purposes only, and we do not encourage people to use any of these kinds of applications that are contrary to the law. This app or its contents and functionality is not controlled by us. Please contact the original owner if you have problems with the App/content/functionality. We don’t provide download applications like these at 0gadget.com.

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