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Simple ways to earn from your home by blogging or selling service

earn from your home by blogging

Is it possible to earn from your home by blogging? Let us find out.

To earn from your home by blogging there many ways, but I will try to cover just two best among the rest.

1. Make your website, and start blogging.

If you want to create a website, read my earlier post on how can I create my own website.

2. Fiverr

So let us know what is Fiverr, how it works, and How to become a seller on Fiverr and earn from it?

What is fiver?

According to Wikipedia, “Fiverr is an online marketplace for freelance services. Founded in 2010, the company is based in Tel Aviv, Israel, and provides a platform for freelancers to offer services to customers worldwide.”

How do Fiverr works?

Earn from your home by blogging is not always easy  so you can sell your service, Suppose you want to make a logo for your site. First, you go to Fiverr and select any one among the many sellers who offers the service you are looking for.

Imagine you found one seller who is offering the service for $10. Now place the order of $10 for making the logo of your website. Here you have to pay the $10 in advance to Fiverr. And the amount will be with Fiverr only. The amount will not go to the seller until the order is completed.

Once your order is completed, Fiverr takes $2 and the balance amount goes to the seller. Which means 80% will be passed on to the seller, and Fiverr will take only 20% for offering a platform to both customer and the seller.

How to become a seller on Fiverr and earn from it?

In order to earn first, you have to signup, which is a straightforward process. We will go step by step.

Go to the official website and click on “Become a Seller” as shown in the image given below.

types of blogs that make money

In the new page once again click on “Become a Seller” which is in green colour as shown.

how to make money blogging for beginners

Here you will get three option to signup. You can use the Facebook account, Gmail account, or any other.

earn from your home by blogging or selling service

Now you chose a user name and gave your password.

make money wordpress

On this page you will find an introduction video of Mical Jon, link to learn more about how to make a successful profile and much more.

  • Learn what makes a successful profile.
  • Create your seller profile
  • Publish your Gig

You will be taken to the above listed three pages one by one.

how to earn money from free wordpress blog

Just click the Continue button to proceed further.

Once again, a few key points are given here to create a successful profile. Read understand and then click on the green colour Continue button.

how to earn money from free wordpress blog

On this page, the global online marketer tells about a few of the guidelines which you need to follow strictly. Do remember to follow the points mentioned here to become a successful seller.


If you have read and understood you can go and press the Continue button.

Simple fill the details asked in the form, upload your photo, and click continue to proceed further.


Fill in all the required detail then click continue.

Link all of your social media accounts with Fiverr.


Verify your email and phone number.


With this, your account is created and the next step will be creating your Gig.

What is a Gig?

If you want to earn from your home you have to create gig on Fiverr, The service you are selling at Fiverr is nothing but your Gig. You will need to provide the information about the tasks you are going to carry out, what will be your charges and delivery charges.

For more details, you can watch the video.

If you are upselling your Gig with goodies before, after, and during the order, you can earn some more money.

How and when Fiverr will pay to its seller?

Earn from your home by blogging is not only way to earn money if you sell your expertise service you can earn money from online market place. lets see how you get paid from Fiverr, The customer will pay the whole amount of your Gig in advance. But it will take 14 days for a seller to get the payment after the job is delivered.

This condition applies to only level 1 and level 2 sellers whereas the other top-level sellers can withdraw their cash after seven days only.

The seller can withdraw its earnings to your local bank account.


The best part about Fiverr is you will get customer from all around the world.  As its a global online marketplace, you get more exposed to the online market.

The starting price for any job is just $5. It’s one of the best platforms that exist online for freelancers to start. First, you will need to signup and give your bank details to receive the payment once the job is completed. Signing up for Fiverr is totally free.

It’s an easy process you need to follow the instructions on the screen that’s all. But here you will find a very tuff competition. To earn some right amount of money, you will need to maintain the cycle time whatever you fixed for your job.

And always a healthy conversation is to be carried out with the customer as their feedback is precious for you. One big problem is the customer has a right to cancel the order any time due to any reason.

And in case if the seller does not the angry customer will approach the customer care. There are many people out there on Fiverr who are earning a lot of money by blogging, and you can be one of them. But just hard work is not enough; you have to be smart too. Once you start earing, it will be like your earn from your home by blogging a dream come true.

On Fiverr, you are not limited to blogging, there is a lot more stuff you can offer as a seller. Such as SEO, Video, Animation, Graphics Design, Digital Marketing, Music, Audio, Programming, Business, Lifestyle and a lot more.

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