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New off-page SEO techniques for beginners 2023

Off page SEO techniques 2019

If you are looking for Off-page SEO techniques in 2023, then you are in the right place to keep on reading.

But before we start discussing Off-Page optimization first, you should know about search engine optimization as well as Advance On-Page SEO techniques in 2019 to 2020.

What is Off-Page SEO?

Off-Page SEO Techniques can be described as the work done outside of your website to rank high in search engine results.

By working only on Off-Page optimization, you will not get any good results, but it is an essential factor of search engine optimization.

You would also like to watch the video of Brian Dean Off-Page SEO Case Study.


What are off-page SEO activities?

There are many things to work out, but here, we will discuss only a few techniques that have a significant impact on search engine results.

Generally, what I have observed when the word Off-Page SEO comes people start to imagine about generating backlinks.

It is not only about creating backlinks, but there are many more activities you need to carry out.

Like all others first, we will discuss what backlinks are and how to generate them.

So first we should know what a backlink is?

Backlinks are the links pointing to your homepage/blog post by other websites.

You cannot depend on only backlinks to rank high in search engine results, yet they play a significant role in Search Engine Optimization.

latest off page seo techniques 2019

Why will someone link back to your website?

Just because of the content on your website, it may be a blog, image, or video.

While generating backlinks, never forget about the quality of the links.

Because if you get a backlink from a new website or whose domain authority is deficient then, it may not help you as much as compared to an old site or whose domain authority is very high.

So it’s not only about quantity but also about the quality of backlinks.

Now how to generate a backlink?

Many people came up with many strategies for generating backlinks, but I will shear the most famous and results-oriented once only.

The oldest and most successful method for generating some quality backlinks for your site is the broken link method.

So first you need to find a website with competent domain authority. Then check the site if there exists any broken link. Any broken link checker can do this, and there are many free tools available online.

If you are lucky, you will find one quickly. Now let us use assume you have found a couple of broken links on a website. So what should be the next step?

best off page seo techniques 2019

You will need to inform the other webmaster about the broken links you have found on his/her website.

You should approach the other webmaster or website admin in a very gentle and polite way.

Now actually you have done a favor to him, and now in return, you can request him to provide a backlink to your website.

Most of the times I have seen they will give you a backlink, but in some worst cases, after all that hard work, you might not get anything.

If the other website’s webmaster provides you a backlink, thank him/her and find another useful site.

And in case if he/she doesn’t give a backlink, no problem still you need to find another website with high domain authority and repeat the same process.

There are few more techniques with which you can get some backlinks immediately and free for your website: Free nine high domain authority backlinks.

Guest post on other websites.

Guest posting is a very cool technique that surely provides you a backlink if your blog gets approved by the other website’s admin/webmaster.

To start first, you need a blog, which should have no grammar mistakes, no plagiarism and images should be copyright free.

  • Check out the Article Rewriter Review, which can help you while writing a guest blog post.

Because before posting, the other website’s admin/webmaster will do a complete quality check.

And then only he/she will decide whether to approve it or not.

But generally, a good quality blog and which is relevant to the website, to which you have approached for a guest post will get approved.

And you will get a backlink from a high domain authority website.

Now I will tell you the easy and quick way, and that is the backlink exchange method.

This method is a speedy and easy technique to get a backlink from other websites.

First, you need to figure out a few sites with whom you would like to exchange the links.

Then check the domain authority of the website.

Many free tools are available to check the domain authority online. You have to enter the domain URL, and it gives you the results.

off page seo 2019

Whenever you exchange the link, I would recommend exchanging links only those domains whose domain authority is more than you.

If you wish you can exchange with anyone its ok.

But to get some good results you should exchange only with those websites who are having high domain authority than yours.

I already mentioned above the importance of quality backlinks.

If you just created a website and didn’t have and Google AdSense approval don’t worry still you can earn by Affiliate Marketing.

What is social media?

Social media is a well-designed platform (a website/application just like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram) where the user can connect online and shear their image, videos, their opinion on any topic, comment on each other and much more.

Social media

Why should I shear blog post on Social media?

By sharing the blog post of your website on social media, your website will be visible to more people, and you will be able to bring more traffic.

When you shear a blog post, do not shear the entire post, but only the heading, brief description and a featured image with a link back to your website.

So this is how people will come to your website to read the whole blog post.

Do I need to submit a newly launched website to search engines?

If you have newly launched a website and waiting to be indexed, but if the search engines do not know that, how are you going to rank?

It takes some time for search engines to discover the newly launched website. If you search for a two or three days old site in any search engine like Google, Bing, and Yahoo chances high that you might be disappointed.

Sometime after few weeks also you might face the same disappointment. So to avoid such type of issues better to submit it manually. At least to the major search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo as they are having a combined (96%) of market share.

Now a day’s Search Engines like Google and Bing are smart enough to find a new website even without manual submission.

But as a thumb rule and to be 100% sure that your website and all of its content is indexed, better to submit it. It may hardly take a few minutes for manual submission.

To show Google that you are the real owner of the website, you need to verify your site ownership for Google Search Console. By doing this, you are pushing the process of indexing faster.

Why submit XML Sitemap to search engines manually?

An XML sitemap contains the list of your website pages. Admin can add more data about each site URL. An XML sitemap acts as a road map, which guides the search engine in finding your essential website pages.

XML Sitemap

A sitemap also helps the search engine to know when your post, pages, or any other content on your website was last updated. When a sitemap helps in so many ways, then why not to spend some time and manually submit it.

The importance of a Broken link and what are they.

A broken link (Dead link) is a link that will not take you anywhere when clicked on it, or it will show you a 404 error page when clicked on it. There may be any of these two problems with it.

(1) The URL is not entered correctly by the webmaster or

(2) The post/page where the link is pointing is deleted/updated.

Broken links may not harm your website ranking. But the user searching for something comes to your website, and if the blog/page does not exist, it’s not good user experience.

So whenever you delete/update an old post/page, it must be redirected to some other relevant content on your website. So to provide excellent user experience, the site should be free from broken links.

Why always watch the website of competitors?

Studying the competitor’s website is important, because to rank on the search engine, you have to beat the competition. In this process, you will need a few tools. For beginners, I will suggest the free tool Ubersuggest.


In this blog post, I have discussed the activities related to Off-Page SEO. Even if you never heard about Off-Page SEO, no problem.

Because I have started everything from the beginning itself, and in the future posts I will definitely try to go more deeply into it, and also bring lots of new stuff.

I hope the techniques I have mentioned here will help you to improve your website ranking as well as getting more traffic.

You can apply the three simple and easy techniques for generating backlinks for your website. Even after getting a backlink, it takes some time to affect your site ranking.

Social media is something which has the power to give you some traffic immediately. When the link of your blog post is clicked which you have shared, people will be directed to your website.

For example, if sheared my post on FaceBook or Twitter.

The amount of traffic you will get depends on the number of impressions and the clicks your post will get on social media.

Sometimes a few posts on social media gets viral, which will result in a tremendous amount of traffic on that website.


Is Off-Page SEO a one-time process?

No, Off-Page SEO is an ongoing process.

The search engine’s algorithms are getting updated continuously, so building and maintaining a strong off-page presence is an ongoing process.

Adapting strategies based on industry trends and regularly monitoring the website’s backlink profile is important for ranking.

In simple words, always keep working on SEO to get good results.

What is the importance of social media in Off-Page SEO?

You can improve your search engine rankings and online presence by optimizing your social media profiles, creating high-quality content, engaging with your audience, and leveraging influencers.

Social media plays an important role in off-page SEO efforts in today’s digital landscape.

Social media signals, such as likes, shares, comments, and followers, can also indirectly impact your website’s rankings.

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