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Long Term Usage Review Of Lenovo K8 Note

lenovo k8 note review 2018

Before you buy read the full Lenovo K8 Note Review to know whether it full fill all of your needs.

The Lenovo K8 Note is a fantastic smartphone. This isn’t just the first significant launch of Lenovo Mobile in India over a very long time; it’s also the first stable phone from the company to say slow and cumbersome Vibe UI to support Android stock.

In addition to the pure Android design, this smartphone features relatively state-of-the-art internals, premium all-metal design, dual camera configuration on the back and some sophisticated features such as Dolby ATMOS and splash resistance. Lenovo makes it clear that the liquid damage will not be covered under warranty, but don’t consider it equivalent to actual water resistance.

  • The best review is always long term review, which gives more accurate information about the device. So here is another long term review of Lenovo Vibe K5 Note.


The Lenovo K8 note has been made from entirely 5000 aluminum series and looks sleek and high-quality, especially in the sublime color Venom Black which is matt on the background. There is no trace of plastics found on the K8 Note unlike the Moto G5 Plus and several other devices of this price range.

lenovo k8 note 64gb

The Lenovo K8 Note features a capacitive front navigation button that is not backlit. Often we found it difficult to use them in the dark. According to Lenovo, the front camera has a LED flash that was popular lately. The back contains the dual camera, with a dual LED flash on top of each other.

lenovo k8 note processor

The fingerprint sensor is directly underneath the camera and can be reached at any point. Overall physical buttons can be used easily with the size and placement. We liked that the power and volume buttons were somewhat low to easily fall below a thumb or forefinger based on the hand you hold the phone.

lenovo k8 note features

Although the design won’t win originality awards and looks from some angles like a tad generic, it is quite elegant and elegant. There are no gaudy finishes here, and everything is done with great taste.

lenovo k8 note user review

However, the fact that the smartphone is a little too wide is what can put some people off, which along with the solid top and bottom belts make the use with one hand a little burdensome.

A 2.5D Gorilla Glass covers the front of the entire glass that enhances the feel and also protects from nicks and scratch. The overall appearance is spotless at the back: the subtle Lenovo logo in the lower part of the back and the dual camera setup and fingerprint sensor in the top. The rear is very clean.

lenovo k8 note review gsmarena

The smartphone has three different MicroSD card slots and two SIM cards. The K8 Note also equipped with a Music Key on the right edge that is available for control of music playback, as well as to switch on the flashlight or open an application from third parties.

The K8 Note looks soft and sleek, especially in the Venom Black Color, in a sporting day and age and in top design, to stand out from the crowd.


The Lenovo K8 Note is provided with a 5.5-inch full-HD IPS LCD screen that is reasonably priced. The colors are beautiful and sturdy, the angles to be viewed are clear, and it is nice not to skip Lenovo and equip the K8 note with the 720p panel.

lenovo k8 note customer review

Although Lenovo claims that the display is 450 Nits bright, I did not find the maximum luminance. As a result, the display also has less sunlight readability. But the screen is quite pleasant during indoor use.

Since the K8 Note is a smartphone that focuses on multimedia, it features a few tricks such as Dolby ATMOS (with only wired headphones) and Theater MAX 2.0. While Dolby ATMOS provides a subtle sound effect on the surround, audio purists may find it a bit synthetic and artificial. MAX 2.0’s pretty cool— basically, it splits the screen into two halfway and makes it look like you’re looking at content from a large theatre.

Software and UI

The feature of the Lenovo K8 is most often mentioned, as the smartphone runs a stock of Android 7.1.1 Nougat out of the box Upgradable to Android 8.0 Oreo. This is a refreshing change from Lenovo after years of equipping your smartphones with the highly skinned, blurry version of the Android Vibes UI.

lenovo k8 note plus

Stock Android makes a difference to use every day. The smartphone is tightly smoothed and flows along with its rather powerful interiors without any significant lags. It’s definitely a step in the direction to Lenovo and an improvement over Vibe UI.


The K8 Note has an internal 3/4 GB (32/64 GB) RAM decoder with the Helio X23 Processor and the Mali T880GPU. The device comes has an internal storage of around 32/64 GB, which can be expanded via a micro SD card. The smartphone comes out as a monster on paper.

Well, the smartphone is pretty fast–don’t bone the interface is also smooth and silky, so you’re not going to feel the device stutter even when many apps are running. Gaming is also smooth.

lenovo k8 note gold

The K8 note is quite suitable for daily tasks, such as browsing the web, using social media applications, taking pictures occasionally, etc. but does not blitch through them as its standards suggest.

When the smartphone is pushed, it works admirably, although there is a minor lag. Where the K8 Note is deceiving when heat dissipation is involved— heats even with moderate use.


The K8 Note is Lenovo’s first smartphone to have a dual camera configuration. A primary sensor with a 13MP  and a secondary 5MP sensor. The two have an f/2.0 opening and enable images with field effects depth to be recorded.

lenovo k8 note 4gb ram

Although the primary camera is above average in well-lit scenarios, producing pictures with high levels of detail and dynamic range, the secondary sensor is substandard. The camera is struggling to capture focus in “Depth Enabled'” mode, and the resulting images look slightly artificially tackled.

A lot of blur and detail is lost at the edge of the subject, especially in the upper part of the f/1.2 setting. The bokeh effect looks decent but not spectacular in lower conditions. Now some of this bleeding and focus problem is obvious, as these issues occur even in proper DSLR high-end cameras when a very broad aperture (such as F1.2 and F1.4) is used. But since the phone is intended for regular people who may not be aware of the operation of openings, Lenovo should have the software correctly.

lenovo k8 note 32gb

There is a 13MP sensor on the front with f/2.2 aperture which provides decent photos with natural colors and proper detail in well-lit settings but struggles with low light. The front sensor also contains a LED flash called “Party flash” by Lenovo that should help to attract selfie fans. Hopefully, updates can fix these. The implementation of the dual camera is good, but the overall picture quality is average and could have been better.


The K8 power Note is a battery of 4000mAh, which is said by the company to be suitable for a full day. The 15W quick-charge K8 Note lets you charge your 4000mAh battery for an entire day of fun and creativity in minutes.

As regards battery life, I have very inconsistent results from the K8 Note.   Even with moderate use, you are certainly not going to get more than a day of use out of the Lenovo K8 Note.

The battery life is decent, but nothing more. That is, at least once in the evening when you have the time, it will be prudent to charge the telephone. It was good enough battery life in ancient times. But we now have phones that offer more than just a lifetime of the battery. The K8 Note isn’t one of them, unfortunately.


It supports 4 G LTE 4 G bands for India (TDD B40 2300MHz, FDD B3 1800MHz and B5 850MHz). Both SIMs support 4 G, but 4 G can only be activated in one SIM at a time, and the other is supported by 3G. For voice calls, messages, or data connection, you can set the default SIM. Wi-Fi is available in Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.2, GPS and USB OTG. Support for all types of applications is available. You have the option of calling or sending SMS from anyone SIM since this is a double SIM phone. The default keyboard comes with Gboard. We didn’t have any call drops, and calls were clear.

lenovo k8 note buy online

On the back of the phone, there is a fingerprint sensor. The sensor is suitable to place on your back because when you hold your phone, your index finger remains. It’s fast to unlock your phone right after your finger is placed on the sensor and the display is also unlocked. This provides haptic feedback once when your fingerprint is recognized or twice when not. It warns that you are again using the same fingerprint. Up to five fingerprints can be added.


For Lenovo, the Lenovo K8 Note is a move towards Lenovo. The best thing the Lenovo could have done was to give the Vibe UI for stock Android. The K8 Note is a well-built device, looks great, is quite quick, has an Android stock and a pretty decent back camera.

However, it has fallen somewhat from bugs, heat, improper portrait mode, and average battery life. The middle range is a highly competitive section of the throat. Lenovo did enough to gain a place in this high stake arena with the K8 Note. But the company have to do more to stand on the top of the heap.

The K8 Note will be an attractive proposition if you want fast performance, stock Android, and excellent build quality. The Lenovo K8 Note is a terrific smartphone for Android. If you need this in a smartphone, the K8 Note is a lot.

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