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Laptop Not Turning On No Problem Solution Is Here

Laptop Not Turning On

On your laptop, you push the power button and laptop, not turn on.

There is nothing new about it if your laptop not turning on or won’t boot. There are many people out there already faced the same issue.

And most of the time, the problem is power socket, laptop charger, battery, CMOS battery or laptop display is not working.

Here is the video showing the troubleshooting process if your laptop not turning on.

Here are some common questions people when laptop not turning on.

How do you fix a laptop that won’t turn on? – This post explains how to fix when laptop that won’t turn on

Laptop won’t turn on even when plugged in – Generally, the AC adopter or the laptop battery is the issue.

My laptop won’t turn on, but the charger light is on – Generally a restart might fix, or the display might be the issue.

If the laptop’s fan is not spinning, Power and HDD LED does not light up/blink, then follow the steps I have mentioned in this blog post.

And if the laptop’s fan is spinning, Power and HDD LED dose lights up/blink, but no display then read my article: Laptop display is not working.

So you can take several steps to solve this problem if your laptop does not turn on or boot when powered on.

Check the power socket
Checking the laptop charger
Starting the laptop without battery
Check the CMOS battery.
Now you remove all devices from your laptop
Check the hardware of the laptop

You can quickly fix the problem on your own; all you need to do is just follow the steps mentioned below.

1. Check the power socket

acer laptop not turning on

Make sure the power socket in your home/office has the required power supply.

Better to plug into some other outlet and check again.

After you have plug the laptop charger into another socket, and still laptop does not turn on go to next step.

If you wish you can also use an electric tester to check, the socket is getting the required amount of power.

Because low from power socket voltage is the problem.

But be very careful during the test. And we shall not take any responsibility for any damage, injury that happens during the power test with the electric tester.

2. Checking the laptop charger

Are you using the correct charger that fits your laptop?

If the answer is yes, then let’s move on with the troubleshooting process.

Power cables can get easily damaged or broken due to heavy use and age.

Try using a different charger, but the specification of the charger should be the same as the old one.

If still the laptop not turning on, then let’s move on to the next step.

3. Starting the laptop without battery

laptop not turning on acer

Till now, we tested the device with the battery installed, but the laptop not turning on.

Sometimes it’s the bad battery which causes the problem.

So now carefully remove the battery from the laptop and store in some safe place.

Now connect the laptop power supply to the power socket and press the power button.

If the laptop starts here, then the battery was bad, and you will need to buy one new battery for your laptop.

And if still the laptop not turning on, don’t worry, there are few more steps left.

Note: You don’t need to wait to work on your laptop till you purchase a new battery. You can carry out your work without a battery installed on your laptop.

But in case if there is a power cut, the system will shut down immediately, and the unsaved data will be lost.

4. Check the CMOS battery.

my laptop wont turn on but has power

Coming to CMOS battery, there is nothing to check. Just replace the old CMOS battery with a new one. That all and you are good to go. It is very economical to replace the new CMOS battery.

5. Now you remove all devices from your laptop

This may be a reason why your laptop does not power up if you left a memory card, a DVD, or a USB drive in your notebook.

6. Check the hardware of the laptop

The final step in the diagnosis of power problems is your hardware. You may have issues with booting if you have recently installed hardware like a new RAM kit. Remove your the newly added hardware and re-install it, try booting again.


Here in this blog post, I tried to provide the solutions to the most common problems when laptop not turning on.

If it’s a new laptop or 1 to 2 years old, then above mentioned steps can fix the problem easily.

No need to go to a technician can fix it yourself. But if you have an older one, then it’s a little bit more completed problem.

Really it does not matter whether you are using a laptop of HP, DELL,

LENOVO, or any other as the procedure is the same for all.

Before you try to troubleshoot laptop not turning on, first check if it’s in warranty.

If your laptop is too old better to go for a new one: Best Laptop UnderRs: 50,000.

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