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How to troubleshoot laptop keyboard not working made easy fixes

How to troubleshoot laptop keyboard

How to troubleshoot laptop keyboard not working problems, that is what this blog post is all about.

How to troubleshoot laptop keyboard not working? First, we will need to break down the problem by identifying the issue, whether it is related to hardware or software. When you know the cause of the problem, then it can be tried with various possible solutions that can be applied to fix. Different issues have different types of solutions to fix the problem.


Important note:

CAUTION: If you have spilled any liquid on your laptop keyboard like tea, coffee, water, or anything else, just replace it with a new one as the repairing is such as a task, and it is not that expensive most of the times.



Save your data and close all the open applications.

Now restart the laptop and check if the laptop keyboard is working properly.


When your laptop keyboard is not functioning due to a software glitch, then the first sensible thing to do would be to perform a system file scan which could scan essential Windows system files for errors, and then patch any vulnerabilities if required.


Have you recently updated the laptop keyboard driver?

If the answer is yes, then it might be the laptop keyboard driver, which might be causing the problem.

Rollback to the previous one, which was working fine.

And if you did not make any change to the keyword drivers, then try reinstalling the laptop keyboard driver.

Here is the video of a few troubleshooting steps

Step: 4

Note: To follow this step, you will need to connect a USB wired keyboard to a USB port as your Laptop Keyboard not working.

Once connected, the USB wired Keyboard to a USB port, Shut down the laptop.

Press the power button as you usually do to start the laptop.

But now press the Esc key immediately after pressing the power button.

A startup menu will appear.

For entering into BIOS settings, press the F10 key on your keyword.

Once entered the system BIOS, here you have to press the F5 key to load the default settings.

To save the changes, press the F10 key.

Now restart the laptop normally as you usually do.

Search and open the Device Manager in Microsoft Windows.

Click View, and then select Show hidden devices.

Click the arrow key next to Keyboards, right-click the keyboard name, and then click Uninstall to remove the device from Windows.

Now remove all Keyboard devices which you do not use and then reboot your computer.

The Keyboard is now supposed to work properly.

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Try changing Keyboard Settings on the laptop.

Certain software settings can trigger your Keyboard to act inappropriately, even if it was meant to be advantageous. 

For example, if the “Repeat Delay” setting of your Keyboard is too low, it could type two or maybe more characters by pressing a single key.

Go to the settings of your Keyboard by accessing the Start menu and clicking “Control Panel” of the top right corner of the Control Panel window and clicking on Keyboard. 

On the other side, if you find a delay after hitting a key and the character that appears on the screen, you may need to change the setting of the Filter Keys.

Check for “Ease of Access” from the Start menu, join that screen and press “Making the keyboard easy to use.” 

When Filter Keys are switched on, uncheck the box and select OK to see if it works. (Similarly, if your Keyboard behaves strangely, make sure you turn off Sticky Keys in this section as well.)


If possible remove battery

Sometimes the laptop’s battery might cause the keyboard to work inaccurately. For some of the laptop models, the battery which is under the keyboard may cause the problem.

If you have a laptop with removable battery, try to shut down the laptop by removing the battery, then plug in the power cord without inserting the battery (using only the manufacturer recommended AC power cord) and if the keyboard works then there might be issue with the battery of the laptop you need to replace the laptop battery which is recommended by the manufacturer. (Make sure you do not use third party battery to ensure safety, use only manufacturer recommended battery for the laptop.)


Cleaning the keyboard debris and dust.

The reason for the problem could be the dirty Keyboard, as this will stop the keys from functioning properly. Cleaning the keyboard debris and dust might not be easy, especially when it comes to the laptop keyboard and should be done gently without damaging the hardware and other delicate parts of the laptop.

The simple trick to clean up the dust particles and debris on the laptop keyboard is that firstly you need to shut down the laptop completely and then to turn it upside down and gently tapping on the back of the laptop so that the dust particles which are stuck in between or beneath the key comes out.

Give quick cleaning to your keyboard corners if you have a keyboard vacuum or a can of compressed air. probably due to beverage spillage, if the keys are stuck, pop the offending key cap off the keyboard and thoroughly clean as much dried liquid as possible from the key switch.

We hope that the above methods have addressed the majority of possible issues. However, if the issue persists, you use an external USB keyboard until the laptop is serviced by a professional when you have got free time.

Note: We do not guarantee that the above steps are completely safe please perform at your own risk.

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