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How To Create A YouTube Channel?

How To Create A YouTube Channel

This blog is not only focused on how to create a YouTube channel and make money also but a lot more related information.


What is YouTube?
Why YouTube is best?
How to create a YouTube channel?
How to make a quality video better?
What is YouTube SEO?
How to monetize your YouTube channel?
How to promote affiliate products on YouTube?
What is YouTube Premium membership?

Before we discuss how to create a YouTube channel, there are a few more things which require your attention.

What is YouTube?

YouTube is nothing more than a website. It’s a free to use website/platform where you can watch other peoples videos as well as upload your own videos.

Once a video is uploaded, it can be viewed all around the world for free. YouTube also offers YouTube Premium membership.

Why YouTube is best? And why should I choose YouTube for promoting affiliate products or services?

The content, as well as the traffic on YouTube, is growing every day. Today YouTube looks almost similar to our universe, which is simply expanding day by day.

Daily YouTube gets more than 30 million visitors, and nearly 5 billion videos are watched every day only on YouTube.

So you can imagine the revenue you can generate by promoting affiliate products or services on such a huge platform. Apart from this, you can earn from YPP. YPP stands for YouTube Partner Program.

But only if you create quality content and optimize the video correctly for the keyword you want to rank for in the YouTube search engine. 

Creating a channel on YouTube is much easier than creating a website. Ranking is also very easy, and you don’t need a big team of SEO experts working at the backend.

To promote your affiliate product or services on a huge platform, you need a YouTube channel.

First you have to decide the topic on which you want to make videos. I would recommend to stick to any one topic to get some good results. For example, you can make reviews on gadgets like smartphones, laptops, smartwatches, and so on.

Why I think not to create videos on random topics?

Don’t make videos on random topics, or else you will not gain subscribers. In case if you got few subscribers, it’s challenging to retain them.

Let me tell you why?

Suppose you are searching for a gadget review, and you found one interesting video. And after watching the review video, you also subscribed to the channel. Now the next day, you get a notification of a new cooking video uploaded as this channel is making videos on random topics.

So no way you are going to watch it, and it’s also very frustrating to get unwanted notifications. The next thing you will do is unsubscribe the channel, right?

Before you create a channel, you need to create a Gmail account, or you can use the one which you already have.

How to open new account on Gmail.

gmail open new account

Gmail open new account is a straightforward and easy process. Just follow the steps given below correctly.

Video showing how to create a gmail account

Go to Google search type Gmail and click on the Google Search button.

open new account on gmail

Click on Gmail – Google to proceed further.

how to open new gmail account

Now on this page, click on Create an account as shown in the image.

open up new gmail account

On this page, you have to write your full name, choose a Gmail ID, and create a password.

open new gmail account without phone number

Choose such a Gmail ID, which should be easy to pronounce as well as easy to remember. Also create a strong password to be safe.

So once you have filled in all the requested information, click on Next button in blue colour.

Here select your country first, and then you have to enter your mobile number to get a verification code.

To receive a verification code from Google, you can select either a message or a call.

open new gmail account now

Type the verification code and click the Verify button.

gmail new account open in english

Here on this page, you are requested to fill some information such as a Recovery email address which is optional, Date of birth, as well as select your Gender.

After filling all the information, just click on the blue colour Next button to proceed to the next page.

gmail open new account free

So on this Privacy and Terms page, first click on the round blue colour button. I would recommend to read this Privacy and Terms page carefully before you move on.

open new gmail account gmail

Then an I agree button will appear, simply click on it.

open new mail account gmail

On this welcome page once again click the Next button.

gmail email login new account open

That is all you have created a new gmail account successfully.

Now you are ready to create a YouTube account.

How to create a YouTube channel?

First select the name of your YouTube channel. Better to select such a name, which should reflect the content on your channel.

Once you decide the name, the next thing is to make a good looking logo for your YouTube channel.

Once you are ready with the name and logo of your channel, then your are ready to create the YouTube channel.

Let us see the YouTube account sign in process.

Type “YouTube” in Google search and press enter.

In the search results on top you can see YouTube, just click on it.

Here on this page on the right hand side, on top click on SIGN IN button.

Now type you Gmail ID which you want to use for your channel.

Give the password and hit on the Next button.

You have successfully logged in.

Create channel on YouTube

Now again click on the top right corner and from the drop-down menu click on Create a channel.

How to sign in Youtube

A new small window appears as shown in the image, just click on the Next button.

How To Create A YouTube Channel_01

Here you will be asked, “Choose how to create a YouTube Channel?”

You are having two options to chose from.

First is to go with creating the channel with the same name and photo of your Gmail account.

And second options to create the channel with a Brand name and logo.

I would recommend going with the second option. As the name of your channel should define the content of your channel, and the same applies to the logo.

how to make a youtube channel successful

So click Select on the second option on the right-hand side.

Type the name of your channel and check the small box at the bottom.

how to create a youtube channel art

And click on the blue Create button to proceed further.

On this page, you have to upload the logo of your channel which you have already created.

how to create a youtube channel for business

Then fill in brief about your channel, and below that type, the name of your website and put the URL of your website.

The next thing to do is link your social media accounts.

Now click on Save And Continue.

how to make a YouTube channel name

So you have successfully created a YouTube channel and ready to publish videos.

How to make a good video for YouTube?

Whether you are writing a blog or creating a video quality matter a lot. So the only key to success is quality.

I have seen many people using their smartphone camera for making a video. No doubt, by using a low-quality smartphone camera for video recording, the first impression is lost. So You will need to invest some money to purchase a good camera for video recording.

Best light bulbs for video recording

Only having a good quality camera is just not enough when it comes to video recording. If you are making video inside your house, then you will need light setup the right way.

Let us see how the lights should be set up in brief

I recommend the 3 point light setup for good visibility. In 3 point light setup, it requires three lights. The key-light, fill light, and the backlight. The key light is set up on the left or right to the subject, which depends on the environment.

And the angle the key light is setup is 45 degrees to the subject horizontally as well as vertically. The fill light is of low intensity compared to the key-light and placed close to the camera. Now finally, the backlight is sometimes placed opposite to key-light.

What is the ideal length for a YouTube video?

Unfortunately, there is no official guide that describes the minimum or maximum length for making a video to rank high in the YouTube search engine. But remember the longer the video, the more time the visitor spends watching it. Ultimately which results in a higher ranking in search engine.

YouTube Video editing

Once you have recorded a quality video, the next step is to edit the video. At the starting of the video try to use some copyright free music along with your YouTube channel logo.

After publishing the video YouTube

After publishing the newly created video you have to shear it on social media. One of the big advantages of social media is it gives some traffic immediately.

And you don’t have to wait till YouTube starts sending the traffic. The traffic which you drive from social watches the full video without skipping it then its a bost for ranking quickly.

How do you get your YouTube channel monetized?

First, you should know what are the YouTube monetization requirements?

Your YouTube channel needs a minimum of 4000 watch hours to get eligible for monetization.

Apart from these 1000 subscribers in the past twelve months.

Once your channel full fill this YouTube monetization requirement, you can apply and your channel will get reviewed by Ad-sense.

And once approved you will start earning.

How to promote affiliate products on YouTube?

Before people buy any product they watch review videos of that product on YouTube.

So you can make the review on any product you like.

And put the product affiliate link in the video description.

Once your audience makes the purchase using your affiliate link you will get a commission.

But remember to make a genuine review and detailed review if you want to grow your earnings.

What is YouTube Premium membership?

Once you subscribe to YouTube Premium membership, you can watch as many videos as you want without ads in between.

A single YouTube Premium plan is enough for the entire family as the single plan allows to add up to five family members. With each having there personalized and private account.

What is YouTube SEO?

In this blog post, I will try to explain YouTube SEO in brief without going into many details. Maybe in a future post, I will try to cover all topics in full depth on YouTube SEO.

YouTube SEO (Search engine optimization) is nothing more than optimizing your YouTube video, Title, Description, Meta information and Playing lists.


YouTube is a great platform for beginners as well as professionals. Apart from this, it’s completely free. The only tool you need is a camera if you are a beginner.

And the earnings is not limited to Google Ad-sense but you can also put affiliate links in the description and earn from them. The earnings on YouTube are directly proportional to the efforts you put into making videos.

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