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How to clean your TV screen: LED, LCD, or else

How to clean your TV screen

In this post, we are going to know better how to clean your TV screen.

Whether you own a flat-screen TV or the old television set, no doubt, it can attract dust and get hit by blemishes such as fingerprints of children, like other electronic items.

But it is a simple process to clean your flat-screen TV or the old television set. And the step in this article how to clean your TV screen will make the process simple and easy for you.

Imagine you just purchased a brand new flat-screen TV or the old television set in your bedroom which is ten years old and having a lot of dust on it. Have you ever thought to clean it up, how will you clean it up and why?

Daily we watch TV at least for an hour, but we won’t bother how much dust or dirt is on screen, buttons, and speakers, which dims the clarity of the image on the screen.

We spent a lot of money to buy the latest TV set available on the market. Just to look classy as a centerpiece in our drawing room or hall to attract our guest.

Old homes, particularly with fireplaces, you will find vents in a costly Hi-Fi kit as they are likely to handle a great deal of debris in the air. We don’t have that deep memory in the day of our old Xbox 360 coal dust wheezing.

Instead of making the same mistake and again falling in the trap, we had gone to a local TV specialist. And asked him how to clean your TV screen? And also about the common mistakes that happen during the cleaning process.

What is the difference between cleaning an old TV Screen Vs. A new LCD TV screen?

To clean an Old TV set screen is an easy task compared to an LCD TV screen, as Old TV set screen can be cleaned in a similar fashion just like any other glass product in your house. But the LCD TV screen is a bit more challenging to clean as its a lot sensitive.

You must, therefore, be more careful when cleaning an LCD TV screen as the screens can get scratched or damaged easily.

1. Always try to use a lint-free cloth.

how to clean tv screen lg
The most important thing to keep neat and clean is your screen. (Photo Credit: LG)

When we are watching the television screen for the whole day or night, we must assure that there is no dust or dirt on the screen which blurs your clarity of the picture.

It’s better always to use a lint-free soft cleaning cloth to wipe on the TV screens gently so that the material on the screen doesn’t cause any damage to the surface, which means your not adding any kind of force while rubbing against the screen without harming or leaving any scratches on the screen of your TV.

Don’t take your TV as exception: small screen TV, as well as 65-inch screen TV alike, you may think the kind of display glass is similar, no matter what whether it is a QLED, OLED or LCD panel.

Make sure that you don’t stop it by wiping it halfway: a half clean of a screen may be worse than the dusty one, as some part of the screen may be covered with less dust than the others.

2. Simply go easy on liquids to avoid any king of damage.

how to clean tv screen sony
Just do not ruin the display with excessive sprays. (Photo Credit: LG)

Firstly: don’t apply water directly, always use OEM recommended spray or any cleaning solution on the screen.

However, you know where to use a dry cloth on the screen if it is dusty, if it is fine then it should be slightly dampened cloth in recommended screen cleaner before wiping.

It is very important not to use any cleaning agent who is too harsh, as these cleaning products may harm the protective coating of your delicate TV screens. Even the detergents such as soap may be too harsh on your screen surface.

It’s better to avoid using spray solutions or liquid soap, as overuse of the product may seep inside your TV screens and damages the parts of hardware. Do you remember, “ Mixing Electricity and fluid is a bad idea!”

3. The Casing and ports

how to clean 4k tv screen
The rear HDMI ports may also require some attention. (Photo Credit: Digital Trends)

If you have wiped down on your TV screen but worried about it then?

There is nothing to get worried about it. There is no harm in gently cleaning your TV screen with a soft dry cloth or slightly damped cloth as it is less sensitive on the screen surface.

However, ports with leads or any cable attached to it should not let any dust into it, in an AV kit nowadays there is no need to blow out the dust whenever you are using it –like inserting hefty game cassettes on Nintendo 64. However, the empty ports may need some gentle canned air at least once to remove dirt or dust from it.

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