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4 Best Article rewriter review, why you need one?

Article rewriter review

Which is the best article rewriter tool for me?

Are you looking for the best article rewriter tool? Then go thru this blog till the end, and you will know which is the best best paraphrasing tool tool for you. I have tried to explain in detail everything in this article rewriter review article.

But before we check which is the best article rewriter, first we should understand what is an article rewriter tool and how does it work? And why do you need one?

What is Article Rewriter or Paraphrasing Tool?

The name article rewriter itself defines its function. But let me make it easy to understand, it is a tool used to create a unique version of the existing article/blog by bloggers without changing its meaning.

How does an Article rewriter work?

First, the article rewriter reads and understands the text you entered. Then it rewrites every sentence differently without changing its meaning. It also chances synonyms to make a unique version of the existing article/blog.

Why do you need an article rewriter or paraphrasing tool?

Have you ever tried to create content for your blog/newsletter regularly? If yes, then you know how difficult and time consuming it is to produce high-quality articles.

The process of creating content for any site is not only time consuming, but it also requires expertise at the top level, including a good command of English. However, if your online business has to go to places, content is just as necessary.

Search engines hate the content that copied from someone else which that already existing on the web. Search engines always want fresh and unique articles, as they focus on providing relevant information to the internet user.

Now there may be many reasons why you want to rewrite an existing article/blog. You might be working on a tight schedule or as a freelancer blogger needs several unique copies of the same blog.

So here the Article Rewriter or Paraphrasing Tool comes into play, which can make hundreds of unique versions of the same article/blog within a few minutes.

With the help of article rewriter, you can easily pass Copyscape, but readability might be an issue.

Which article rewriter is best for bloggers?

There are many free and premium versions of article rewriters available out there on the internet. So first, we will see the free or trial versions available online. I checked a couple of article rewriter software, and finally selected which I found to be the best among others.

1. Quillbot article rewriter tool

Quillbot is an online article rewriter tool. The Quillbot article rewriter tool offers not only free but premium version also. With the free version without any registration, you can rewrite an article containing up to 400 words at once. And if you want to increase the limit, you will need to register with your Facebook/Gmail ID.

Quillbot article rewriter tool

Once registered, you can rewrite an article up to 600 words for free. If you have a huge blog, then you will need to divide it into small parts (600 words only) and rewrite one by one. You may find it very difficult as well as a waste of time to select only 600/400 words at a time of a huge blog/article to rewrite it.

So better if you go with the premium version, the words limit will increase, you will get much more features and much faster.

Before going to the next article, spinner, I would like to show you a few examples of how it works.

Example: 1

Original: Let me know how much does it cost to become a good pilot? Okay, I will explain you everything in detail.

Rewritten Text: Let me know the cost of becoming a good pilot? Okay, I’m going to explain all in detail.

Example: 2

Original: Do you want to earn money online? No problem you need to work too hard and be consistent to make money online.

Rewritten Text: Would you like to earn money online? You don’t have to work too hard and make money online consistently.

Now let us see the second article, rewriter.

2. Spinbot article rewriter tool

Spinbot is an online article rewriter tool for writers/bloggers, which offers both free and the premium version also. If you go with the premium version, you will not see the ads or a captcha.


But balance all other features will be the same as you are getting with the free version. To show you how it works and the quality I have rewritten a few sentences using Sipnbot article rewriter.

Example: 1

Original: Why are you coming late daily? I already told you so many times to maintain office timings just like all others.

Rewritten Text: For what reason would you say you are arriving behind schedule every day? I previously let you know so often to keep up office timings only like all others.

Example: 2

Original: I have already given you a lot of money for your business. But I did not know why you don’t make any profit? Will you please explain?

Rewritten Text: I have officially given you a ton of cash for your business. In any case, I didn’t have the foggiest idea why you don’t make any benefit? Will you please clarify?

3. WordAI article rewriter tool

WordAI claims that it can automatically create human quality content. WordAI offers a three days trial version which gives you access to all premium features.


You will also have an option to sign up with Perfect Tense grammar checker for five days trial once you sign up with the WordAI trial version. The three days trial is a good option for a new user to decide whether WordAI can fulfill his requirement or not.

As soon as the WordAI finishes the job of rewriting the blog, with one click you can check for grammar mistakes with the help of Perfect Tense. Below I have given two examples.

Here view this WordAi Video clip before reading the rewritten text samples.

Example: 1

Original: Just publishing content on the website, you will never rank in search engines. You will need to work on SEO also. You will need to decide whether you can handle it your self or to hire an SEO consultant.

Because if you are doing blogging, it may be challenging to focus on SEO. But in either case, whether you are working on SEO your self, or hired some consultant, you will need to have the complete knowledge about SEO activities.

Rewritten Text: Just publishing articles on the site, you’ll never rank in search engines. You’ll have to work on SEO. You’ll have to employ a search engine optimization consultant or to determine whether it is possible to manage it yourself.

Since if you’re currently doing blogging, it could be tricky to concentrate on SEO. But in either situation, if you hired a consultant, or are working on SEO yourself, you’ll have to have an understanding about SEO actions.

Example: 2

Original: When you place more emphasis only on results, your ambition will be like the weather – the minute you hit a storm, it will die. Trying to focus on the journey is, therefore, the key, not the destination.

Rewritten Text: When you place more emphasis only on results, your ambition will be like the weather – the minute you hit a storm, it will die. Trying to focus on the journey is, therefore, the key, not the destination.

4. SpinRewriter article rewriter tool

Spinrewriter claimes that it uses a technology ENL Semantic Spinning Technology, which lets it analyze the actual meaning of your content. Just like others, Sinrewriter offers five days trial version for the new customers with all premium features.


The five-day trial will surely help the new user to try the software before investing. They also offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee after 30 days if you are not satisfied with it and merely no questions will be asked. I am using a trial version and lets us see a few samples of rewritten text by Spinrewriter.

Before you read the examples, watch this video about Sinrewriter.

Example: 1

Original: Always offering relevant content to your audience helps them see you as a valuable information source. The key to rank in the results of the search engine is not to generate mass content, but the content should be relevant to the user and must be of good quality. And working on SEO is also vital to rank high in search engine results.

Rewritten Text: Regularly using applicable information to your reader assists them to see you as a useful info resource. The key to the place in the results of the search engine is not to generate mass web content.

But the web content should pertain to the customer as well as needs to be actually of top quality. And focusing on Search Engine Optimization is also vital to position higher in internet search engine results.

Example: 2

Original: It’s not easy to start a new business. To delve into the unknown, an unpredictable abyss, you have to give up the comforts of a stable paycheck. Much prevents us from making the leap — things such as fear and insecurity. And above all the rest, one word: motivation.

I understood what was different when I looked back on my days as an athlete. I remembered what (or who), even when I didn’t want to, made me push myself. As an athlete, the difference was that I had to report on structured days and a coach. Structure keeps us concentrated, and we are driven and challenged by a coach.

Rewritten Text: It is not easy to start a brand-new company. To look into the unknown, an unpredictable manager, you have to lose hope the comforts of a steady income. A lot stops our company coming from creating the surge– factors like fear as well as instability. And most importantly the remainder, a single thing: motivation.

I knew what was different when I looked back on my days as sportsmen. I remembered what (or even who), also when I failed to intend to, created me to drive myself. As a professional athlete, the difference was that I had to state on structured days as well as an instructor. Structure keeps our team focused as well as our company is actually steered and also tested through a train.


There are so many article rewriters available online, some of them are free, and others are paid versions. I tried many of them but found only a few to be the best among the others out there.

What do I personally feel about all of these article rewriter tools?

When I came to know that there exists a tool which can rewrite an existing article/blog, and generate a unique version of it. I felt delighted because a massive amount of content already exists on the internet on any topic you want.

What I thought is to copy content from any good website and paste it into article rewriter, and it will give you a unique version of it. Which can be published on my website like my blog, and I can get a lot of traffic and revenue from it.

But I was wrong and let me tell you it’s not so easy. You will need to write each sentence manually to rank in google search engine. Because with these article rewriter tool, you can become a publishing machine, but do remember that the content will not work for your money website.

I don’t think you will get 100% results because you will need to make changes manually to the rewritten text. False synonyms are meaningless and take time to be replaced. And even after making changes I don’t think the readability will be okay.

If you write articles for SEO purposes, articular rewriters are just the one you need to do the job. Just copy an article and paste it into the article rewriter tool and click spin. And in a few seconds the a completely new as well as unique article is ready for you. But what I have found is it’s tough for an article rewriter to read the article as a human dose, to gather information and facts.

What do you feel about article rewriter?

Please do let me know in the comments section below.

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