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Affordable Wireless Earbuds Xiaomi Hyalou GT1 Touch-Enabled

Affordable Wireless Earbuds

Xiaomi Hyalou GT1 affordable wireless earbuds with multi-functions touch-enabled control

Xiaomi has come up with its new product the Haylou GT1 wireless Bluetooth earbuds with multi-function touch control. The Haylou GT1 is a new budget earbuds coming with a price tag of under $20. It is hard to find affordable wireless earbuds with good sound quality in the market.

Here is the video review of HAYLOU GT1

With the increase in demand for wireless earphones in the market, all the OEM are following the same footsteps by skimming the headphone hack from their new devices to reduce the thickness and change in the design, thanks to the Apples initial move to skip the headphone jack. This causes to increase in the demand for affordable wireless earbuds in the market, especially for the younger generation who are interested in fashion trends and technology.

Affordable Wireless Earbuds

Let’s see what the Haylou GT1 offers

Straight out of the box you will get the new Haylou GT1 wireless earbuds placed in a very lightweight charging box, a USB to Micro USB convertor and a user manual. A faux leather pouch is also included in the box to keep the charging case away from scratches with keys or other stuff when you place in your pocket/bag. The Haylou GT1 is available only in black color, there no color option to choose from. It would have been great if the earbuds had been available in different color options to choose.

Design and build

Affordable Wireless Earbuds Haylou GT1 is Bluetooth wireless earbuds, the GT1 earbuds are very compact and a good fit for medium as well as smaller size ears. The Haylou GT1 is engineered well, and design is sleek, which makes it more comfortable to carry around with you.  Earbuds stay in place even during workouts and heavy movements, yes it will not fall off that easily while you are running.

The charging case and the earbuds are made with a good quality of ABS plastic material which is safe to wear. The earbuds attach magnetically on the case securely. The fit and finish of the Haylou GT1 is great, considering the price of the unit.

Haylou GT1 comes with IPX5 sweatproof rating so that it can have trouble-free usage even when you are in the rain without any worries for a few minutes. This is very rare in this price segment for the manufacturers.

The dust particles and fingerprint smudges can be wiped off with a soft fabric easily. The GT1 earbuds are comfortable and weighs just 4 grams which makes it easy to use for a longer period of time.

The Affordable Wireless Earbuds Haylou GT1 comes with the multi-touch control functions, and it is touch capacitive, tapping on them will not push the earpieces into your ear, and the touch response is good. The design looks somewhat similar to the Xiaomi first-generation AirDots.

How to pair the Haylou GT1

  • Remove the earbuds from the charging care if they are placed inside the box, it will turn on automatically after removing from the case.
  • If the earbuds are in the off state, press and hold the touch panel of the earbud for about 1.5 seconds, and wait for the white light to be on for 1 second, it will turn on successfully.
  • Once the earbud is powered on, it will start blinking the right earbud white light slowly.
  • Now turn on the phone Bluetooth and click on the Haylou-GT1 connection.
  • The white light will stop, and the connection is successful.
  • To turn off the earbuds press and holds the touch panel for 4.5 seconds, wait for the red light to be on for 2 seconds and the earbud shut down is successful.

Performance of Haylou GT1

Affordable Wireless Earbuds The Haylou gt1 earbuds comes with Bluetooth 5.0, which offers more stability, quick transmission, and faster connectivity. It has dynamic 7.22mm high sensitivity speaker with DSP technology. The bass is good with decent mids and highs.

You will notice that the 7.22mm drivers offer good sound quality. The overall sound quality is pretty decent. However, if you are a keen music listener, we do not think that you will find anything better in this price range.

When it comes to connectivity, the GT1 performs strong. There is no connectivity issue, and the connection remains stable. For the average listeners, the sound quality is fine. There is nothing to complain about considering the price.

The call quality is also great when using indoor, it is just fine when it comes to outdoor performance, and you will not be disappointed with the performance of GT1 in this price range.

There is a LED notification light which blinks while pairing the device with the smartphone. It will turn red while powering it off the earbuds.

There are multiple touch-enabled control features like 

  • Single touch to Play/ Pause music.
  • Double Touch to Answer/End the incoming calls.
  • The voice assistants can be activated by the Triple touch.
  • Touch and hold for 1 second to ignore the incoming calls.
  • Double touch the Right earbud to Skip to the next song when playing.
  • Double touch the Left earbud to shift to the previous song when playing.

When it comes to battery life is rated at 120 hours standby time, and you will get about 12 hours of battery backup when used. The battery capacity of the case is 310mAh, and the earphones have 43mAh each. Earbuds takes around 1.5 hours to be fully charged. In our test, the battery performance was great when the volume was maintained below 70% and keeping the smartphone with in decent signal range.


Haylou GT1 is an excellent pair of affordable wireless earbuds which comes with touch-enabled controls, particularly when it comes to its price range. It offers great sound quality, ease of connectivity, decent call quality, and especially it comes with IPX5 sweatproof rating, which comes handy while you are out in the rain. The Haylou GT1 offers great value for money, and it can be considered as it comes with an affordable price tag.