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About Us


Welcome to 0gadget.com about us page.

I MAB the founder of 0gadget.com. I am interested in learning and sharing the latest information on technology and digital marketing.

The best way I have found to share my knowledge with others is by blogging. You will find the information on the following topics at 0Gadget.com.

  • The latest news on technology (latest devices launch dates, software updates, device specifications and much more)
  • Genuine reviews on all kinds of gadgets (such as a smartwatch, smartphone, tablet, laptop, desktop PC, and much more.)
  • Digital marketing (SEO, Blogging tools, how to make your own website and many other topics related to digital marketing.)
  • How-tos (troubleshoot, update, tips, and tricks on all gadgets.)

Here at 0gadget.com, we always aim to provide our website visitors true and correct information to the best of our knowledge. Our gadget reviews will help visitors select the latest as well as the best device within the their budget.

Before publishing the review of any device, technology news, a blog on digital marketing, we perform a thorough quality check. So visitors will always get the latest and correct information.

In the digital marketing section, you will find information on the latest blogging strategies, blogging tool, tips for creating a website. Whether you are a blogger or running a website for a small company, the information on digital marketing will help you to rank high in search engines.

The tips and trick on how to earn online will also be shared. We wish to be the favorite website of our visitors in the field of technology and digital marketing.

0Gadget is a Technology and Digital Marketing blog where you will find detailed concepts of the latest technology-related information which will keep you up to date with what’s happening around the world.