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6 Easy To Use Blogging Tools For Beginners | Tools That Can Push Your Blog Form Last Page to First Page In Search Results

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Are you looking for the blogging tools which can make your blog rank high in search results?

So continue reading because I want to tell you about blogging tools and what difference it can make to your blog.

Tools play a significant role in the life of a professional. Whether you are an electrician or a car mechanic, you will have your set of tools to carry out the work.

Suppose if you don’t have the correct tool setup the right way how are you going to work. How hard you try, it’s impossible to accomplish your task.

The same applies to bloggers if you don’t have the right blogging tools your blog will never rank. So today I am going to give the 6 essential tools for writing a blog.

It doesn’t matter whether you are doing blogging as part-time, full-time, or personal; these tools will be useful to all bloggers. And I use many of them, so let us see what the tools are?

1. Buzzsumo

Buzzsumo is a tool which will help you to select a topic of your blog. As it shows most shared and engaging content, you have to enter only a website’s URL or heading to get the results.

So it’s a good idea to know about the subject before you start writing your blog. But I must say that it is a bit costly for beginners.

2. Emotional Marketing Value Headline Analyzer

Once you have found the topic of your blog and the title is ready, now it’s time to check the emotional marketing value. You paste your title in Emotional Marketing Value Headline Analyzer, and it will tell you its emotional marketing value.

My recommendation is to try to get at least 50 to 60 EMV score. Otherwise, the performances on social media may not be satisfying.

3. Hemingway Editor

When you write a blog, readability is crucial and should be checked. Because if you are writing sentences that are too hard to read, lengthy or complicated sentences, then chances are people may leave your site. So if you use this Hemingway Editor, all such type of issues will be solved.

4. Keywordshitter

Keywordshitter is a free tool to find keyword related to any topic. It does not display search volumes or trends or group keywords. Once you click start button, it will be finding related keyword unless you stop it.

Keywordshitter is a tool capable of giving you thousands of keyword related to any topic. You must use it to know more about it.

5. Grammarly

No doubt when you write a blog, there will be some spelling and grammatical mistakes. To make your blog free from spelling as well as grammar mistakes, use Grammarly.

It not only checks spellings and grammar but also provide additional features which will make your blog outstanding if used correctly. Let me tell you about my experience with Grammarly.

It is a great grammar checker but sometimes is also give some incorrect suggestions. I suggest you read and understand the sentence properly before you incorporate the corrections provided by Grammarly.

6. Copyscape

All search engines love unique content and hate duplicate content. So when you have finished writing your blog, the last step is to check it with Copyscape to make sure your content is unique.

Copyscape can also help to protect your content from plagiarizers. With a few clicks, you can find if someone has stolen your content. If you found your content on any other website, it can be reported then for taking down.

7. Article rewriter

If you are writing for a tire-2 website, article rewriter can be very helpful for you. I already reviewed a few best article rewriters in my earlier post.


When I started blogging, unfortunately, I don’t know about any such tool. But as time pass by, I came to know about these tools one by one. At present, I am not an affiliate to any of the tools mentioned above. But this blog aims to help the beginners.

If you are a beginner, the above mentioned 6 essential blogging tools will help you write an excellent blog. And no doubt if you use the tools correctly, your blog will rank high in search results.

I think these are the essential tools if you want to write a quality blog. There are many other tools which can be used, but as I said, these are the basic ones.

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